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our Wines


” I have a good idea of ​​how it should be my sangiovese ” , and it is so clear in my mind that does not admit perplexity. I want my Sangiovese within the reach of those who want to drink a good glass of wine , regardless of whether this happens with friends, or a meeting , or for the simple pleasure to accompany it to a good meal or dinner.I want it to be generous, sincere , genuine, fruity , fruity , easy to drink . I want my Sangiovese communicate what it is, that it do not hide , that is simple, honest and unadorned ; like it for what it’s worth and helps the drinker to open up to others maybe becoming their friend and spending with them a good banquet.


The Albana is the first DOCG of Italian white wine. Our Albana interpretation involves multiple steps of harvest , the first of which to start the spontaneous fermentation , the last to collect more ripe grapes .

Our Albana must remain dry , despite the maturation of the grapes . The aging of this wine takes place in barrels of cement, because it needs one year to be still, after which the other 6-7 months in bottle .

the ‘Albana’ is an important wine and can therefore be combined with important foods .


Biodiversity in the hills of Faenza is best expressed by the “Centesimino” , rediscovered indigenous grape variety, cultivated and cleverly turned into excellent wine from a very small group of producers (eight in all).

Ancarani is not only happy but also proud to be one of these producers; the “Centesimino” is a treasure for the whole territory and one of the strengths for winery enhancement of the whole ‘Romagna’ territory.

It is from this variety we obtain this wine that for so long has been known as “Red Savignôn” … Savignôn, not Sauvignon.

The oldest traced label refers to wine made from grapes Centesimino is the mid-60s and this is marked by “SAUVIGNON – red wine in Faenza.”

It seems that the vineyards of Red Savignôn planted near Oriolo in between the ’60s and the’ 70s, were derived from previous plantation, in turn derived from material taken from Terbato farm, belonging to Mr Pietro Pianori, called ‘Centesimino’. Some sources report that the slips used to set up the plantation of farm Terbato derived from a plant found in a garden within the walls of Faenza.

the other native wines:

We cultivate the vineyards of high vocation hills of Faenza near the ‘Oriolo’ area, fortified historical site dating back to 1457, among the oldest in Italy

Total is the respect of the native varieties preserved in the old family vineyards and renovated in the newly developed systems .

Sangiovese, Albana, Burson, Centesimino, Famoso, are some of the native varieties grown with respect for tradition

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