Ancarani Vini | Who we are
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Who we are

Claudio Ancarani

The ‘agricolo’

Rita Babini

the energy..

the whole family 🙂

the whole family

my wine..

..Every year , I never know how the wine will come out and as long as I have not racked , bottled and left to rest for months , I’m never certain that it will become ‘My’ wine. So I spend months during which I’m assailed by the doubts that it might be not what ‘it’ should be . Winters in which I feel I do not understand it in the right way and never to the end. Ours is a controversial love , doubtful, and like all visceral love is beautiful because it pushes you to accept each other for what it is .

the Cellar

We cultivate the vineyards of high vocation in the hills of Faenza near the ‘Oriolo dei Fichi’ zone, fortified historical site dating back to 1457, among the oldest in Italy .

Total is the respect of the native varieties preserved in the old family vineyards and renovated in the newly developed systems .

Sangiovese , Albana , Burson , Centesimino , Famoso , are some of the native varieties grown with respect for tradition .

the Choices

cultivation and winemaking choices for quality and for our health:
Selection of native varieties
Production limited to the natural expression of the territory
Grapes thinned out and selected for greater wealth and health
Long maceration to transfer all components of the grape to wine
Felling of the use of sulfites

the Benefits for our health

More polyphenols in grapes to fight to the plant diseases:
Vascular Strengthening
Inhibition of thrombosis
atherosclerosis prevention
More dry extract , alcohol , salt and acidity
Stimulates increase of good cholesterol ( HDL )Best psychic tone and quality of sleep