Ancarani Vini | Vignaioli a Oriolo dei fichi
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A small family winery that grows Sangiovese, Albana, Trebbiano, Famoso, Centesimino and other native grapes.


We grow the vines of Romagna, and of even more specific areas near ‘Oriolo dei Fichi’

wheat and Pasta

We cultivate the ‘Cappelli’ wheat , from which we derive high digestibility integral pastas


Come and meet us in the rural setting of absolute fascination of ‘Oriolo dei Fichi’, Faenza.

our Wines


We only grow native Romagna vines because we believe in and support biodiversity.
Biodiversity is a value of fundamental importance in the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable systems: biological variety means genetic variety, essential for the proper functioning of the ecosystem.
Biodiversity is the defense of local culture and wisdom, a source of wealth for communities, a fundamental element for scientific research.

‘Oriolo’ sangiovese, ‘Sânta Lusa’

‘Centesimino’, ‘Uvappesa’

‘Per la gioia’, ‘Biagio antico’, ‘Famoso’, ‘Indigeno’, ‘Andataeritorno’

‘Adelmo’, ‘Anforisma’

“Claudio Ancarani is a true winemaker. Imaginative and dreamer, but with roots firmly planted on the ground, as its vineyards, where he spends most of his time. He inherited the passion for wine and the vineyard from his grandfather, who cultivated these lands from the 60s, and became custodian of this land “.

“The link with the land is easily discernible in its wines, typical and with an extremely artisanal cut, each bottle can be said to walk under his hands, before leaving the winery. The grape harvest is manual, trying to reduce to a minimum the use of sulphites and as treatments employing only copper and sulfur. ”

[wine dharma]


Grandfather bought this land in 1934 and sent us the responsibility to protect it and tell it with our work


our wine is obtained from our hand-picked grapes and vinified in our cellar

line up tavola

The conduction in the vineyard is organic and the vinification is respectful of vine and conditions


ettari di vigne


bottiglie annue


forbici consumate

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